Digitalisation Project

The Voices and Visibility project bringing Uncovering Hidden Histories online was made possible through the collaborative teamwork of;
Seth Atkin
Nikesh Chauhan
Paul Hambley
Mariam Kauser

In building this website we have tried to uphold the aims of the Voices and Visibility: Uncovering Hidden Histories wallchart team. We have done so whilst making considerable effort to provide different ways to navigate the site.


The aim in creating the initial wallchart was to produce a resource supporting people raising awareness of sexual orientation and gender identity equality and LGBT+ history.

Centered on the United Kingdom, the wallchart highlights important legal milestones, identifies significant contributions made by individuals, groups and in particular the labour movement

For more information about the wallchart and those involved go to

The digitalisation was financed by money raised by the Pride Run 10k which takes place in London every August and crowdfunding.

Photography Credits

Stock Images

Special thanks to Pam Isherwood for her important contribution to the production of the wallchart. Selecting and editing from 30 years of photographs of Pride was no easy task!

The March/Parade

The majority of photographs in the Pride March/Parade; Pam Isherwood

Early photos from the London School of Economics/Hall Carpenter Archive

Equality network: Dan Littauer, KaleidoScot

Sheboom; Hazel MacDonald


Thanks to those in the community who supplied a photograph;
Christine Burns
Linda Bellos
Kath Gillespie-Sells
Sue Sanders
Labi Siffre
Peter Tatchell
Stephen Whittle

The majority of photographs used on this site are licensed under Creative Commons. We attribute these in the list below.

Where possible we have sought to determine the final copyright holder for all photographs used. If we have made a mistake, please do get in touch with us using the feedback button at the top of this page.

Thanks to the following photographers for the remaining photographs;

Pam Isherwood; Jaime Sylla; David Levenson; Dave Hogan; Denise Else;; Theo Grzegorczyk; Jim Thurston; Frederick Spalding; George Grantham Bain Collection (Library of Congress); Open Media Ltd.; Chris McAndrew; Ross Burgess; Plainsense; Sarah Jeynes; Richard Gillin.